Virtual Assistant Skills, Soft Skills, Hard Skills, And Duties

As a virtual assistant, it is not enough to know your duties and how to discharge them. You also need to learn some soft skills that will make your clients happy to work with you. Most clients would prefer to work with a virtual assistant that is well equipped with the right soft skills, and hard skills and discharge their duties properly than a virtual assistant that lacks in any of the categories. 

So if you want to be that virtual assistant that all the clients would always come back for, here are the must-have skills for you;

Virtual Assistant Soft Skills

This set of skills is what we call people skills. They will help you to interact and maintain a good relationship with your clients and co-workers. These include;

  • Good Time Management

No matter how good you are as a virtual assistant, you need to be able to complete your tasks within the given time. This will keep your clients happy as they don’t have to run behind schedule just because of you. As a good virtual assistant, you should learn how to make good use of every working hour.

  • Flexibility 

The world of work is ever-changing, so your duties may vary from time to time. Will you be able to adapt when those changes come? As a virtual assistant, you should be able to accommodate the little changes around your work environment and still deliver top-notch service.

  • Teamwork Spirit

Believe the saying that a tree does not make a forest and work together with other people in your team to achieve greater results for your company. Everyone on your team is very important to the growth of the business. 

  • Strong Communication Skills

Learning to communicate effectively with your boss and other people around you will save you from lots of things. At the end of the day, you are working under people, with people, and for people, it is important that you learn how to make your points without raising another person’s emotion. Ensure that you can pass information as politely as you can.

  • Problem Solving 

Most people have those workers who will always be eager to share their companies’ problems. Because they are sure of a possible solution to their problems. The ability to think fast and proffer solutions is a skill that every employer cherishes, so finding such in a virtual assistant will make that person a valuable asset. 

  • Strong Work Ethics

A good virtual assistant is expected to have a very strong work ethic. This means that you should take your job seriously, be punctual, and work with integrity. It goes a long way to cover every soft skill that I mentioned earlier. 


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Virtual Assistant Skills – The Hard Skills.

The number one reason why a client would want to hire you is because of your hard skills. These are your experiences as a worker and your qualification. Your hard skills attract clients, but your soft skills help to keep you working with them. So, if you want to attract clients as a virtual assistant, these are the hard skills that you should possess

  • Digital marketing skills
  • Writing skills
  • Social media management skills
  • Computer skills
  • Research skills
  • Scheduling and planning skills
  • Microsoft skills.


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Duties of a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you may be required to perform the following tasks;

  • Plan and schedule meetings 
  • Take care of your client’s travel details, including booking.
  • Search for new trends in the market
  • Keep a record of the company’s transactions. 
  • Maintain an online presence for the company. 
  • Take customers’ calls and respond to their emails
  • Organize the company’s file
  • Manage the business calendar 
  • Manage the company’s contact list.


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Final Thought 

As a virtual assistant, you need the virtual assistant soft skills, hard skills, and know how to discharge your duties effectively. This will help you to stand out in the crowd of virtual assistants online. And keep both new and old clients coming for your services. 


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