10 Common Mistakes Virtual Assistants Make

Every virtual assistant wants to succeed at what they do. But, lots of virtual assistants rise to what seems like the climax of their businesses, only to go down again because they have no virtual assistant guide and end up making mistakes here and there.

Let’s talk about the 10 common mistakes virtual assistants make in their journey to the top, that can drag them down or even prevent them from attaining their desired height.

Forgetting to Open a Website 

As a virtual assistant, you are expected to work online or remotely, but if you don’t have a strong online presence, how will clients find you? Depending only on freelance platforms like Upwork to get clients is not enough.

Remember that it’s a business, so opening a website for it is one of the best things that you can do to grow your business online. 

Handling Your Virtual Assistant Career With the Wrong Mindset

As a newbie virtual assistant, you may look at the profile of those that have been in the business for years and feel intimidated. If that feeling pushes you to become better, then it’s a good thing. The issue comes when you start feeling like you are not good enough to get paid like them. 

Another limiting mindset is when you feel like an employee instead of the boss that you are. You can turn down any work that is not convenient for you because you are not a regular employee that must do the boss’ bidding. 

Charging Wrongly Without the Help of a Virtual Assistant Guide

As a newbie, try to look up the average fee that virtual assistants charge to avoid using the price to chase clients away. One mistake that some virtual assistants make is to charge too low, making them appear too cheap and desperate. Or, to charge too high, sending their clients on their heels.

Accepting Every Job

I know that you want to grow, but accepting every job is not a good way to grow. Because you may end up accepting work that you cannot do, or having too much work on your desk. This may force you to compromise quality just to meet up with deadlines. Delivering poor-quality work will not be good for your growing business as clients may not return. Some might even drop bad reviews on your profile, to warn other prospective clients to stay away.

Working For Free

In your journey to becoming successful, there are lots of clients that may want to take advantage of you by making you do more than they are paying for. Some may even make you work for them for free, telling you that they want to test your ability. Be careful of such clients, never do free work for them, and place a price on your time.


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Forgetting To Build a Passive Income

Clients may not always pour in like you expect them to. Some may even choose not to contact you again for reasons that are best known to them. So you must be prepared to build a passive source of income, to avoid looking desperate and hungry when clients decide to go on break. 

Jumping Around

 This mistake is very common among newbies in the virtual assistant career. They don’t mind leaving their niche for another niche just because they heard that people are cashing out there. They may also jump from one platform to the other, just because people from that platform are making it big time. All this jumping around will slow down your progress, and you will not be able to build your credibility that way. 

Not Clearly Stating Their Prices

When you don’t tell prospects your price, chances are that they may want to get your service at a cheaper rate. When you state your price boldly, only those that can afford your service will contact you. Ensure you read a comprehensive virtual assistant guide like this one on how to fix the right rate. 

Not Investing in Your Knowledge 

As the world is evolving, everything in it is evolving too, including your work as a virtual assistant. So, you may need to upgrade your skills in your field, to be employable when the technique required in your field advances.  Invest in your knowledge to help you remain relevant in your field. 

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Ignoring Your Health

Because virtual assistants are always at home, they sometimes forget to exercise their bodies or even go for checkups. To cap it all, the light from their screen can affect their eyes. So, as a virtual assistant, never forget to look after your health to avoid spending your earnings on treatment. 

Final Thought 

I know how important it is for you to grow as a virtual assistant, and that is why I have come up with this list of the 10 common mistakes that virtual assistants make. You don’t have to make these mistakes anymore, learn from the mistakes of others and be on a straighter path to success in your virtual assistant career

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