How to Get the Upwork Rising Talent Badge 

Are you new to Upwork and wondering what the Upwork rising talent badge is all about? Or maybe you are looking for a way to scale through to the top? Congratulations, you are just at the right place to find out the best way to join the top-rated freelancers on the platform, I’m going to tell you the secret on how to get the Upwork rising talent badge within the shortest time.

My first weeks on Upwork were very discouraging as I was struggling to get clients, after reading so many articles on how to make it really big on Upwork, I found out that I needed to get clients to give me a boost, yet the clients were not coming because they were looking for a freelancer with a good track record.

So, to attract clients, I needed to have a good track record. And I needed clients to get a  good track record. It was a funny situation for me those days, till I discovered the power of an Upwork rising talent badge on my profile.


Upwork rising talent badge


Benefits of the Upwork Rising Talent Badge

The Upwork team knows how new freelancers struggle on their platform before getting clients. This is why they give the Upwork rising talent badge to their deserving members, to give them an edge and help them stand out. This badge gives you access to the following privileges;

  1. You are automatically rewarded with 30 free connects worth $4.5 in the market. Which you can use to send out proposals and increase your chances of getting hired. 
  2. Increased visibility when a potential client searches for freelancers in your niche using the Upwork algorithm. 
  3. When your profile pops up in clients’ searches, the Upwork rising talent badge will make you stand out amid the heavy competition.
  4. You also get discounts on the fees attached to featured jobs in the Upwork market.
  5. As an Upwork rising talent badge bearer, you will be able to chat and get all the possible help that you can get from the Upwork support team.
  6. Your aim of joining the Upwork platform which is to keep winning will be achieved. And, you will be able to build a strong client base and incredible reputation within the shortest possible time.

I’m sure that you will be craving this Upwork rising talent badge by now, but does the Upwork support team give out the badge to people just because they are new to the platform? No, there are certain requirements that you must meet before getting this badge.


Rising talent badge Upwork


Requirement for Getting Upwork Rising Talent Badge


  • Complete your profile up to 100%: The Upwork rising talent badge can only be earned by someone with a 100% complete profile. Your service, logo, profile picture, portfolio, and every other detail must be in place.
  • You must pass the Upwork readiness test: This is a very simple test to help them know if you have done your homework. You have to tell them how well you know the platform.


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  • Be active on the platform: Your profile must be able to register your activeness for at least 90 days.  And, if you are a newbie on Upwork, you have to be active for at least 30 days. 
  • Send out proposals that are in your field: Please do not just send out proposals for any project on the market, be a little bit picky and ensure that the project matches your skills.
  • Deliver quality content on time and be attentive to how a client responds to you as a negative review will leave a bad spot on your credibility.
  • You must conform to their terms of service: This is the red zone. You must try as much as possible to obey all the rules and regulations on the platform, to avoid getting your account banned.

Is it possible to lose the Upwork Rising Talent Badge After Getting it? 

Yes! You can lose the badge if you keep getting bad reviews from clients, become inactive, or violate their terms of service. The good news is that you can still get the badge back, if you can retrace your steps and make amends like becoming active again, working hard to win clients’ confidence again, etc.

Final Thought

If you have met these requirements on how to get the Upwork rising talent or you are determined to do so, congratulations in advance. You are closer to your success than you can ever imagine.



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