Upwork readiness test answers 2022 for New Freelancers

If you need the correct answers to Upwork readiness test, then this post is for you. I made this post because I learned that not everyone wants to go through the hassle of reading Upwork’s Terms of Service to get those answers. 

How do I clear my Upwork readiness test?

I know it will be tempting to just keep this post close by and then answer the Upwork questions from there but I recommend you know and fully understand these answers first before starting off. Firstly, it will increase your speed when answering the questions. Upwork gives freelancers only 2 minutes to answer each question and these questions will be asked at random so if you always have to go through the post before answering you might not answer accurately and on time. Finally, it will help you achieve success on the platform. 


Here’s Upwork readiness test answers 


Question 1: Invite-only jobs

There’s a satisfaction that comes with receiving job invites without having to constantly apply for jobs with your connects. This can only happen when you have a robust and professionally arranged profile that attracts clients, giving you a costless experience on Upwork. 


Many jobs on Upwork are posted privately as invite-only jobs (these jobs don’t require connects). A strong profile can help you receive more invitations and win more work.

Which items help you create a 100% complete profile? (please check all that apply.)


  • A professional-looking profile photo of yourself
  • A title, overview, and employment history
  • A list of your top skills
  • A portfolio of work


Question 2: Contracts and accepting offers 

Don’t be too excited as an Upwork freelancer when you receive a job offer as not all could be genuine but to be on the safe side and with the backing of Upwork’s customer service, ensure that you have accepted a job offer before you start working on it. 


Working safely on Upwork should be your #1 priority. This includes never starting to work on a job unless you already have a contract in place with your client.

Which of the following statements about starting to work on a job is true?


Start the work only once the client has sent you an offer, you have accepted the offer on the platform, and your contract appears in My Jobs> All Contracts tab


Question 3: Improving your job success score

Having a good job success score certainly gives you a boost in landing jobs. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact way to calculate the score because Upwork has kept it secret but I do know methods of improving the score and keeping your clients happy is one of them.


Your Job Success Score measures your clients’ satisfaction with your work on Upwork, reflecting relationships, feedback, and job outcomes.

Which of the following statements about your Job Success Score on Upwork are true? (Please check all that apply.)


  • Your Job Success Score measures your client’s satisfaction with your overall work history on Upwork
  • Longer-term relationships are a plus and can help boost your score
  • Jobs with higher earnings weigh more and will have a bigger impact on your score


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Question 4: Upwork Terms of Service 

Most times freelancers try to accept payments or take clients off-site. This is certainly against Upwork’s Terms of Service and could get you banned from the site. In this case, you have not only lost future clients you have also lost the spoon you eat with.


Upwork’s Terms of Service help users stay safe and maintain a trustworthy marketplace.

Which of the following statements about Upwork’s Terms of Service are true? (Please check all that apply.)


  • You commit to keeping client relationships on Upwork for at least 24 months unless you or your client pays a conversion fee to take the relationship off the marketplace
  • Soliciting or accepting payment from an Upwork client off the platform is a violation of Upwork’s Terms of Service
  • You can only have ONE Upwork account. This one account gives you access to any account type you may need including freelancer, client, agency.


Question 5: Writing effective proposals 

Copy and paste have killed many freelancers on the Upwork platform. Clients are tired of seeing the same lines in the cover letter of every job. It’s okay to have a template that you follow but make each proposal unique by tweaking it to suit the current job you are applying for.


Your proposal is often your first interaction with a potential client. It’s your opportunity to introduce yourself, highlight your expertise, and show the client why you’re the best professional for the job.

What are the best practices for submitting a winning proposal through Upwork? (Please check all that apply.)


  • Write a personal and professional greeting
  • Describe your relevant experience in key areas listed in the job post – demonstrate you’ve read it
  • Outline how you would approach and complete the job
  • Respond to any screening questions listed in the job post


Question 6: Your response time

No client wants to be kept waiting so try to respond to job invites as soon as possible. It is even better to turn your profile completely off if you are busy or observing a holiday instead of having a client review that you responded late to the invite.  


Your overall response time is displayed on your Upwork profile.

Which of the following describes your responsiveness score? (Please check all that apply.)


  • Your responsiveness score is based on how quickly you respond to (accept/decline) clients’ invitations to jobs
  • Your responsiveness score appears on your profile for clients to see


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Question 7: Upwork’s payment protection on fixed-rate contracts

Just like any other freelancing site, you will likely run into someone who wants to scam you. Sometimes the clients refuse to pay or come up with a claim and try to short you. This is where the Upwork payment protection comes in and if you are right, you will have the full support of Upwork customer service. 


A fixed-price job has a set price and payments are made at predetermined project milestones.

How does Upwork’s Payment Protection for fixed-price jobs work (using Escrow)?


The client deposits (pre-funds) a milestone payment into escrow before you begin working. Upon receiving and approving the work, the client releases the payment to you.

Question 8: Upwork’s payment protection on hourly projects

Hourly contracts are also protected by Upwork payment protection. Below is how it works.


When working on an hourly job, you invoice your client for time worked on the project.

What do you need to qualify for Upwork’s Payment Protection for hourly jobs? (Please check all that apply.)


  • You must have an hourly contract
  • You must have a client with a verified billing method
  • You must log your hours with the Upwork Desktop App
  • You must write out activities performed in the Work Diary with memos or activities labels


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Question 9: How to become a Top-rated on Upwork readiness test answers

There are no hacks to achieving this. Your hard work which includes rendering premium services will help you get there fast. More information is in the answer below.  


Upwork’s Top Rated program recognizes freelancers that have a proven history of success with multiple clients, contribute to a safe marketplace and follow Upwork’s Terms of Service.

Which are the requirements to achieve Top Rated freelancer status on Upwork? (Please check all that apply.)


  • Job Success score of 90%+
  • $1,000 earnings in the past year
  • 100% complete profile
  • Up-to-date availability status
  • No recent account holds

Question 10: Accepting off-site payments 

Apart from being banned from the platform, Upwork cannot support you if any issue arises from an off-site payment. I see no advantage in accepting payment off-site if there is, then I’m sure the disadvantage will surely outweigh it.


Upwork offers a number of choices for withdrawing your funds, including Direct to Local Bank, ACH, USD wire transfer, Instant Pay for U.S. freelancers, PayPal, and Payoneer.

To prevent falling victim to payment scams, which tips should you follow to protect yourself from suspicious activities?


Contact Upwork’s customer support when a client offers to pay you directly via PayPal, Western Union, or another method outside of the Upwork payments system.

What is the benefit of Upwork readiness test?

Upwork readiness test is not just some question-and-answer exercise for formalities, Upwork made this provision to set newbies or professional freelancers who are new to Upwork on the right path and help them achieve success on the platform. So the questions you are answering are crucial to helping you understand how Upwork works and overcome some of the challenges you might encounter on the platform. Also, clients who are hiring will have more confidence to hire you when they know that you have passed the Upwork readiness test. This means for new freelancers with only the Upwork readiness test as their negotiating qualification, you need to pass the test with at least 4 stars and above.


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How do you beat rising talent on Upwork?

To beat rising talent Upwork test which simply means obtaining a Rising Talent badge, here are the criteria you must follow:

  • You need to pass the Upwork readiness test
  • Do not exceed the agreed deadline for any project you accept
  • Keep your profile 100 percent real with the skills you posses 
  • Be up to date with your availability status 
  • You must be active in the past 90 days or 30 days from when you joined


The criteria for an agency is that they must 

  • Have at least 2 members or more
  • Have a 100 percent complete agency profile

Some other factors that contribute to Rising Talent badge are educational background, client feedback, experience and skills, and available opportunities in the market. 

So that’s it, with the information above, you can pass Upwork readiness test with ease. Always look out for the latest Upwork readiness test answers because the questions and answers may change over time by Upwork. 

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