How To Start Freelancing as a beginner- Complete Guide

If you want to start freelancing as a beginner and you don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. In this post, I will be giving a complete guide that will answer all your questions on how to become a freelancer. Whether you want to become a freelance writer or a freelance graphic designer, this step-by-step guide will help you start right away.

How to Start Freelancing Start Freelancing As A Beginner

#1 Learn A Marketable Skill

This is the first step to starting your freelancing career. Your skill is what clients will be paying for and there are some best freelancing skills for beginners that can get you started. Skills like freelance typing jobs, Fiverr voice-over jobs for beginners, and freelance content writing are all easy to learn. 

#2 Define Your Service And Offering 

As a freelancer, your profile on any freelance platform has to tell specifically what service you are rendering. Let clients know and see you as a professional in your field and not a freelancer who can do all things on average.

#3 Work on Dummy Projects 

Practice makes perfect and dummy projects are one of the ways you can keep practising till you get to that professional level that clients are looking for. You can also work for family, friends, or NGOs, listen to their corrections, and implement them. 

#4 Create A Portfolio

While setting up a freelance business, you need to create a portfolio that displays your best work and the testimonies of people you have worked for to help boost your credibility and so that clients can see for themselves what you can do. A portfolio is like a webpage or a website and you can create one on WordPress, Squarespace, or Behance, which is good for graphic designers, etc.

#5 Develop a pricing structure 

Setting up a pricing structure can be challenging because the wrong price will either chase your clients away or get you underpaid. Usually, the best way to find out the right price is to look at other freelance websites and see what other freelancers in your field are charging. As a beginner, don’t charge as high as experienced freelancers and don’t charge too low you might look cheap. Try to find a middle ground.  

#6 Find The Right Freelance Platform To Start Freelancing As A Beginner

There are lots of freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and All these sites mentioned are popular freelance platforms but landing a job there can be difficult and might take a long time because they are already saturated with millions of freelancers. The best freelance websites for beginners are the fairly new ones where the competition is low. 

#7 Write Great Proposals

When writing a proposal, bear in mind that you are trying to convince a client that you are the best hand for the job and not other freelancers so you need to put serious thought into it and write a copy that will win the client’s heart. Don’t sound unrealistic trying to win a client you will be doing the opposite. 

#8 Continue Developing Your Skill

The world is rapidly evolving and so new things are coming out every day. Therefore you need to stay on top of any changes in your niche. Keep learning and developing your skill so that you will be familiar with whatever requirement a client comes with.

#10 Create A Great Relationship With Your Client

While your proposal and portfolio will win you a client, it is your relationship with the client that will either keep them or chase them away. That is why this step is a very important one. Your client needs to be comfortable working with you and they need to know that you put their satisfaction first. This will keep them around for a very long time.


Frequently asked questions 

Is Freelancing A Career?

Depending on the kind of job you do, freelancing can be considered a career. For instance, a data entry job cannot be considered a career. But if you are doing a job like copywriting, you can grow it into a marketing career.

What Are Freelancing Websites?

Freelancing websites are like marketplaces where clients and freelancers meet to do business. Some of these websites are Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc. You often need to register and create a profile before you started applying for jobs. And you are charged a commission after completing each project.

What are the best freelance jobs for beginners?

There are lots of freelancing jobs but as a beginner, you can start with transcription jobs, typing jobs, translation jobs, and voice-over jobs. All these are easy jobs that do not require too much technique or expertise but bear in mind that they go as easy as they come. You will need more skills to build a freelancing career.

What kind of freelance work can I do?

Starting a freelance business requires skill, so you can do any type of work if you have the skill. Ranging from graphic design, web design, and software development, to copywriting, content writing, and more.

Which Skills Are In Demand for Freelancing?

The demand for freelancing skills changes every year. Some years it is coding skills while some years favour video editors. However, this is a good reason to have more than one skill as a freelancer.

Is Freelancing Better Than A Job?

Freelancing has its pros and cons, just like a regular job. Deciding which one is the best usually boils down to personal preference.

At What Age Can You Start Freelancing?

I would say freelancing has no age limit. However, while some websites accept only 18 years and above, some do not mind. What matters most is your skill.

How Can I Start Freelancing With No Experience?

Fortunately, you do not need a college degree or years of experience to start freelancing. All you need is a skill, and the zeal to work hard. 

Which Field Is Best In Freelancing?

The best field in freelancing is the one you are good at. Therefore, no field in freelancing can be referred to as the best. Some fields will generate more income than others no doubt but it should not be the basis when you want to choose.

How Much Can A Beginner Freelancing Earn?

This largely depends on your skills but as a beginner, you can make between $10 to $20 per hour. 


Start Your Freelance Career

Successful freelancing requires a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work. It can be tough during the early stages but with time, you will be able to create a profitable freelancing career. If you have carefully completed these steps, you are now ready to start your freelancing career. 

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