How to rank Fiverr gig on search results

Every new Fiverr seller wants to know how to rank Fiverr gig on search results. I also search for this term whenever my Fiverr gig loses impression and clicks. So, let’s rephrase the sentence above to say “Every Fiverr seller wants to rank their gigs on the first page.” 

And, why do they want to do this? Gigs that are on the first page are first seen by buyers on the platform. They make their buying decision by choosing either those on the first, second, or third page. That’s why everyone is gunning to get seen on the first three pages. 

Having been on the platform for over 5 years now, there are certain strategies, tips, and tricks I use to get more impressions and rank in search results. So, don’t give up on your Fiverr account, follow the strategies in this post. Before I reveal this strategy, let’s answer some frequently asked questions. 


Why is my gig not ranking on Fiverr?

If you just created a new Fiverr gig, the gig will take a while before it ranks and that’s if you did Fiverr SEO. Since it’s a new gig, you may not appear on the first page, but you will get lots of impressions. Also, you are not going to be on Fiverr’s first page because you have not gotten an order, have no reviews, and are not a rising talent. 

Fiverr editors review new gigs and give the gigs they think will perform better a rising talent badge. Most of these gigs also rank on the first page. So, getting a rising talent badge, or completing at least 1 to 3 orders and having reviews for those orders are important factors to ranking on Fiverr’s first page

If you’ve been on the platform for a very long time, and your gig was ranking and later got de-ranked, then you have to work hard to rank your page again. Well, I’ll help you achieve that using the strategies in this post. 

How does Fiverr algorithm work?

We can only assume that we know how Fiverr algorithm works. No one really knows Fiverr’s search algorithm because they keep changing how it works. However, there are certain things Fiverr algorithm loves and these are:

  • SEO Profile 
  • Gig Tags
  • Frequent Orders
  • Reviews 
  • Gig Clicks 
  • External Traffic 
  • Favorites. 

How many days will it take for a Fiverr gig to rank on first page?

Like I said earlier it takes a while for your Fiverr gig to rank on first page. It may take about 3 to 7 days to see it on the first page if you did the right Fiverr SEO practices and continually follow the strategies in this post. 

How do I get traffic using Fiverr?

Getting traffic on Fiverr is the surest way to get ranked on first page. You can get this traffic when other Fiverr sellers check out your gig to see what you are offering and compare it with theirs, and you can also get traffic when lots of buyers are interested in the service you’re offering. So, how do you get them to see your gig? 

  1. Keyword research

Carrying out keyword research before you create content for the internet is very important and so is carrying out Keyword research on Fiverr. You want to know which keywords prospective clients are searching for and add them to your gigs so that you get seen on search results. 

The thing about keyword research is, that there will always be over-saturated keywords. Those keywords that everyone is using, and if you try ranking for those keywords you may not rank in Fiverr’s search results. So, when you use the known keywords always add other low-competition keywords. Here’s how you can carry out this research. 

Step 1: Switch to your Fiverr buyer account, and click on the search tab. 

Fiverr search tab


Step 2: Type in your search term, e.g writer, virtual assistant, graphic designer, project manager, etc. 

Fiverr search results algorithm

When the search results load, write the keywords results down. From these keywords, choose the ones that are related to your gig. 


Step 3: Type in a more specific search term for your gig and choose the ones related to your gig.

Fiverr search results


Step 4: Continue trying different search terms related to your gig

Fiverr search result for blogging

Fiverr search result for blog writing

Going through the different search results, you will notice how terms like blog writer, blog post writer, SEO blog writer, and blog post repeat themselves in every search result. These terms are the most commonly searched terms by prospective Fiverr buyers and will be the most used terms by Fiverr sellers. You should use these terms and also add the terms in the Fiverr search results that show once or twice. These are the less saturated terms and prospective buyers are using these terms too. 

Using the steps above, carry out research for keywords for your skill before you write your Fiverr gig description. 


  2. Fiver SEO – Optimize Fiverr gig

You’ve chosen your keywords, the next step is to add the main keyword to your Fiverr gig title. For example: “ I will write articles and blog posts in digital marketing” (here “ write articles and blog post” is a keyword). 

Fiverr gig title


Also, add these keywords naturally in your gig description. Before you do that, you should research your competitors. Search your main keyword and see what other Fiverr sellers like you are offering. Check the way they write their description, insert their keywords, and the pricing on the gigs. I’d recommend that you also insert most of the keywords in the pricing description. 

Fiverr gig description


  3. Use Fiverr videos on gigs

Videos are becoming very important for SEO on all platforms. So, you should add a short video and be clear about your services, your strengths, and the value you will be offering them. If you are camera shy, you could ask your clients to send you video reviews and use these reviews on your gigs.  

  4. Use attractive images 

Your gig images should compel a prospective buyer to click on your gig. When researching other talents on the first page, also look at their images. Once you’ve found an image you’d like to emulate, use Canva to edit this image, and when you want to download the image, rename the image using one of the keywords. This is a good SEO practice. 

   5. Copy top-ranked gigs tags 

When it comes to Fiverr gig tags, you need to check out the tags of those who are on the first page. These tags are how Fiverr algorithm knows which category to show your gig in. For instance, the gig below can rank for the related tags. You may find this gig on first page for blog writing, blog WordPress, article writer, ghostwriter, and travel writer. Think of them as related keywords you want to rank for.


Fiverr gig tags

  6. Add keywords to Fiverr gig URL

If you are creating a new gig, your Fiverr title will be part of your Fiverr gig URL, so ensure that you use a keyword you want to rank for at all times. If you decide to change the title after the gig is created, the URL remains the same which isn’t good for Fiverr SEO. 

  7. Stay Online 24/7 to chat with Fiverr buyers 


Fiverr gig image results


Fiverr has lots of filter options and an online toggle button. Most clients want to work with those who are online when they send a message. So, you have to be online every time. Download the Fiverr app to help you do this.


Refresh extension


I use a refresh extension to appear online at all times when working with my PC. I set the extension to refresh my Fiverr dashboard every 2 minutes. When I go offline on my PC, I keep my Fiverr app running in the background. 


   8. Use your 10 daily bids on Fiverr 

You should bid on 10 jobs every day even though they are low-paying jobs. You can decline the job when the client chats you up. The trick here is to get those people to click on your gig, which the algorithm likes. 

   9. Join the Fiverr community and connect with other freelancers, there are prospective clients there too.



PS: Before I head on to discuss how to promote your Fiverr gig on social media, there are some questions you need answers to. This will help you carry out your Fiverr gig promotion on social media.

How can I optimize my Fiverr gig to rank it for the first page?

Following the steps listed above, you can optimize your Fiverr gig and get traffic to this gig. Once you’ve optimized your Fiverr gig, start bidding for jobs on Fiverr and share your Fiverr gigs with clients outside of Fiverr.  

What is the best way to increase the impression of Fiverr gigs?

The best way to increase Fiverr gig impression is by sharing your gigs on social media and other platforms. The more people click on your gigs, the more impressions they will get. 

How can I advertise for free my Fiverr gigs?

Advertising your Fiverr gigs for free involves you sharing your gigs on social media and other platforms. Go on forums and write about your service and then link back to your Fiverr gig. 

Which is the best place for Fiverr gig marketing?

The best place for Fiverr gig marketing is Facebook groups. There are lots of groups on Facebook where you can promote your Fiverr gigs, and ask for clicks, and favorites. I will talk about this more extensively.  

On which social media can I promote my Fiverr gig?

Now, let’s talk about this more extensively. There are several social media platforms where you can promote your Fiverr gig. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other mini-blogging websites. 


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#1 How to rank Fiverr gig on first page using Facebook groups


Fiverr groups on Facebook


Go on Facebook and search Fiverr gig, in the search results, filter according to groups. You will see several groups where you can promote your Fiverr gig. In some of these groups, Fiverr sellers exchange link clicks, gig favorites, and orders. You will click on someone else gig and they would do the same on yours. They will favorite your gig and you will do the same on theirs. 


#2 How do you beat Fiverr algorithm by posting on Instagram posts/stories

You can promote your Fiverr gigs on your Instagram profile. The same way you would handle an Instagram account for a business is the same way you should handle this account. Brand yourself an expert in your field. Create posts that solve prospective clients’ issues, share value, and share your gigs, reviews, and testimonials. 


#3 How to rank Fiverr account gigs on Pinterest 


Fiverr gig traffic from Pinterest


Pin your gig images on Pinterest. Do you read the part where I said you should name or rename your images using the keywords? If you haven’t done that, do it now. Image SEO is a very important feature on Pinterest. For example: If I go on Pinterest and search for an SEO writer, only images that are named SEO writers and other related terms will appear in the search results. So it’s important that you name your Fiverr gig images the right way. 

You should install a Pinterest extension on your browser, sign into your account and frequently save your gig images to a board. This board should be named using a keyword you want to rank for. 

#4 How do I increase Fiverr gig views using Twitter

There are Twitter profiles that do gig promotions. You drop your link and click on the links of others and they do the same. However, this method is not sustainable. I’d recommend that you build an audience on Twitter, talk about your service and offer value. Share your links and include a link to your Upwork profile on your Twitter profile. Also, use the right hashtags or keywords. People who are interested in what you have to offer will click on your link. 

#5 How to promote your Fiverr gig on Quora

On Quora, you will see questions like “What’s wrong with my Fiverr gig? (link to Fiverr gig)”, “Why am I not getting orders on my gig (link to Fiverr gig).” 


Quora Fiverr gig


This is so wrong and spammy. People are tired of seeing it everywhere so they won’t click on your link or answer your questions. Instead of promoting your Fiverr gig links this way, talk about your services. Share a post on why clients need an SEO writer, answer questions on why clients need a virtual assistant, and at the end of the post, link to your gig. Include a call to action that tells them to order your services. 

#6 Advertise your Fiverr gigs by guest blogging about your service 

Reach out to bloggers in your niche and ask them to guest blog your service. You should offer lots of value in this post then link to your Fiverr gig. If you don’t know any bloggers, you should blog about your services on Medium. Remember, always provide value before pitching.

#7 How to rank a gig on Fiverr fast Using Linkcollider

Linkcollider is a platform where you pay tokens to the other users of LinkCollider to promote your links, share your links, subscribe to your YouTube channels, give you likes,  tweets, and so on. If you don’t have the time to share your gigs on social media, Linkcollider will help you do that. All you need to do is earn tokens by completing these same tasks or buy tokens.

Fiverr gig ranking on Linkcollider


Once you’ve signed up and created an account, head on to add your Fiverr gig link. And uncheck ”Facebook likes and Autosurf tasks”. Those activities do not work for Fiverr links.


Linkcollider dashboard

#8 How to rank a gig on Fiverr fast using YouLikeHits

YouLikeHits is just like Linkcollider. It’s a platform where you exchange tokens for link clicks, tweets, retweets, YouTube likes, and lots more. You can promote your Fiverr gig links on this platform. Create an account and head on to add your Fiver gig links. You can earn tokens or buy tokens. 

YouLikeHits dashboard



What is the best time to be online on Fiverr?

You should be online during the Israeli time zone and United States time zone. This is because that’s the time your prospective clients may be online to hire your service. 

Which browser is best for Fiverr?

There are so many chrome extensions that I use and that’s why I think Chrome is the best browser for Fiverr. 

How do I get buyers on Fiverr?

Using the steps I have mentioned above. 

What kind of gigs are on Fiverr

There are several Fiverr gigs, you can find them on your Fiverr buyer’s section. Check out this article on low competition gigs on Fiverr. 

Can I buy my own gig on Fiverr?

No, you shouldn’t buy your own gigs but your friends and Family can only if they need to hire your service. 


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