Top 30 Most in-demand Freelance skills (2022)

Freelance skills that pay well…

While freelancing in general seems to be the future of work, some freelancing skills have proven to be at the forefront of this future as they are in high demand. If you want to be at the forefront of employment in this era of technological advancement, read on to find out those skills that will always keep industries and employees running after you for years to come. 


The Top 10 most in-demand freelance tech skills       

Tech Skills That Pay Well1. Cloud Computing

In this era of technological possibilities, people are looking for ways to do lots of things over the internet, like analytics, database, storage, and so many things. So if you can help people with services like this, you are certainly going to be the next big guy. Cloud computing freelancers earn about $130,000 annually.       

2. Blockchain 

Blockchain has come to stay, and lots of people keep investing their millions of dollars in it. So freelancers with skills related to blockchain are in high demand. Blockchain freelancers earn around $175,000 per year.

3. NFT Design 

There is a need to verify the authenticity of any digital artwork as there may be so many arts that look like the original piece online. If you can design an NFT to show an original copy of a work, you will surely be needed. NFT designers make up to up to $36,000 per project.

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4. API 

Good knowledge of application programming interfaces will help you to create a connection between lots of computer software. Freelancers with this knowledge and skills are in high demand, they earn about $115,000 yearly.

5. User Experience Design

We all enjoy using apps that are well-designed to make every navigation worth your time. So if you can design websites and applications to optimize users’ experience, get ready to earn about $109,000 yearly.

6. Shopify Development

Shopify has grown popular over the years as more people continue to use the platform. Designing apps and websites for Shopify will fetch you $95,235 per year.

7. Amazon Web Service Expert 

An Amazon web service expert helps organizations to search for and identify skills that will help them achieve their goal. This skill is highly sought after but not known. Experts in this field earn about $161,409 yearly.

8. Video Editor 

This is all about carefully going through a video and removing every error, and ensuring that the audio matches the visual display. Video editing skills are in high demand, which is why video editors earn about $80,000 yearly.

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9. Word Press Development

Considering how many people have decided to go into blogging, WordPress developers are in high demand. They make about $72,968 a year.

10. Angular JS Development

This freelance skill is one of the high-paying freelance skills that are in high demand today. It is all about developing apps for mobile phones and desktops. Angular JS developers earn about $128,000 yearly.



The Top 10 In-Demand Freelance Marketing Skills

In demand marketing skills11. Salesforce Administrator

The salesforce administrator collaborates with business owners and stakeholders to create a favorable platform that addresses a particular customer’s needs.

12. SEO/Content Writing

If your product must be visible to search engines, you need someone with skills and knowledge on how to optimize search engines using the right keywords to create content. SEO content writers earn over $60,383 per year.

13. Copywriting 

While SEO content writing helps you to stay visible and get found when the right keywords are used, copywriting helps you to generate sales. A copywriter writes a sales copy that propels people to buy such a product. They usually earn higher than content writers. 

14. Lead Generation

Every business wants to make sales and profit, which is why lead generation skills that help them to generate sales through several channels like social media, email, and lots more, is one of the top in-demand marketing skills of all times.

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15. Social Media Marketing 

Using the various social media platforms to generate organic traffic that can lead to massive sales is an in-demand freelancing skill that will help your business and websites to grow fast. This is why social media marketers are always in high demand, plus, so many people are on social media. They earn $71,177 per year.

16. B2B Marketing

This involves selling to other businesses instead of selling to individuals. Business-to-business marketing is an in-demand freelance marketing skill that can lead to massive sales at a point. Their salaries depend on the worth of the product/company most time.

17. Sales Development

This freelance skill helps businesses to generate massive sales by looking for sales opportunities around. They are one of the high-paying in-demand freelance skills today as a  business can be made to generate millions of dollars with it. Sales developers can earn as high as thousands of dollars annually, depending on the type of business they are working for.

18. Business Developer

Business developers help business people to identify new business opportunities and help them to develop their businesses.

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19. Email Marketing 

Creating a strategic email to generate sales is the work of an email marketer. They help to generate sales for a company by creating the type of email that will speak to a potential or existing customer in a language they understand. 

20. Public Relation

It is the duty of every business that hopes to last, to put forth someone that can act as an intermediary between the company and the general public. Someone that will relate well with the customers and make them feel that the company is always there for them. They are in high demand today.


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21. Tiktok Management

Considering how much this platform has grown over the years, it has provided a very good market for many businesses. Tiktok managers can make up to $63,618 annually,

22. Telegram Management

Working as a telegram manager is one of those in-demand freelance social media management jobs available online and telegram managers can earn up to $29,000 – $33,000 annually.

23. Discord Group Management

Lots of people above 13 years of age use the Discord group to communicate with one another, which is why Discord group management jobs are on the rise. It can fetch a freelancer up to $164,155 yearly.

24. Facebook Management

Facebook is the most popular social media today, as it has so many subscribers worldwide and can be used to generate lots of organic traffic and launch a campaign for a product. Those who manage Facebook groups and accounts make roughly $110,000 yearly.

25. Virtual Assistant

Business owners have continued to rely on virtual assistants to carry out some organizational work for them, to ease their workloads. Virtual assistants make up to $17 per hour on average.

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26. Email Support

Helping an organization to respond to their emails and keep customers certified is the goal of email support. They make about $17 per hour.

27. Customer service

Every company needs someone with good rapport to represent them in any matter concerning customers’ feedback, which is why customer service representatives make close to $20 every hour.

28. Data Entry

Sorting and arranging every file and document into their rightful place can be much of a hassle, especially if you were the busy type. So the demand for a data entry position is always high in any organization. They make about $17.5 per hour.

29. Online Chat support

Keeping a company online at all times and ready to respond to any customer’s feedback is very important. Online chat support makes close to $20 per hour.

30. Phone Support

We all agree that getting a response from a company after calling makes us feel valued as a customer, which makes phone support for any company very important. They earn up to $18 per hour. 


Other high paying jobs to learn and work online

Apart from those top-in-demand freelance skills that I listed above, there are other freelance skills that you can learn and offer online. These skills are; 

Graphic Design Skills

Graphic and design skills like storyboard, illustration, non Fungible token art(NFT), logo, and brand identity. 

Tech Skills

You can also learn tech skills like UX design, web banners, social media, landing page design, packaging, and label design, icon design, app design, email design, and so many others. 

Digital Marketing Skills

Many digital marketing skills are in demand today like web analysis, display advertising, community and influencer marketing, video marketing, marketing strategy, and search engine optimization.  

Writing Skills

If you are a writer, you can learn and work online as a technical writer, translator, LinkedIn profile optimizer, proofreader, cover letter and resume writer, eBook and book writer, UX writer, and case study writer. 

Video editing

As a video editor and animator, you can offer the following services; short video ads, logo animation, character animation, visual effects, unboxing videos, intros and outros, lyrics and music videos, whiteboard, and animator explainer, subtitles, and caption. 

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Audio Editing

You can also add audio editing skills like voice-over, podcast editing, dialogue, beat making, music transcription, sound designers, audiobooks production, jingles and intros, and audio ads production. 


Programming and tech skills like chatbox, NFT development, support and IT, e-commerce development, game development, web programming, mobile apps, cyber security and data protection, desktop apps, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and WordPress come highly recommended in this era of technological possibilities.



If you want to start freelancing online, get one or more of these in-demand freelance skills that will help you to get clients fast and also keep them coming back for your service. You can find these clients on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn, but first, get the skills. 

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