Is freelancing for me? – 10 ways to discover if freelancing is for you 

Is freelancing for me?

Is it worth it to freelance?

Why is freelancing the choice for me?

Is it hard to be a freelancer?

Should I start as a freelancer?

These and so many other questions may be running through your mind. It’s important that you ask yourselves these questions to help you discover if freelancing is the right career path for you. I listed some questions you should answer below.

So before you start signing up on freelancing websites, endeavor to answer all of them. Take your time to think about each question and answer them with all honesty to avoid any regrets down the road. 

Do you have a skill?

To become a freelancer you must have a skill because that is what your clients will be paying for.  Your skill should be something a lot of people are looking for, you must be very good at it and must know how to sell yourself to survive the fierce competition of the freelancing world. So if you have a skill, freelancing is for you. But if you don’t, and still want to start a freelancing career, you can learn one.  

Can you work alone?

A lot of people enjoy working in the company of others. However, freelancing is usually a lonely career. You may get to meet with other freelancers sometimes but most of the time, you will be working alone. I am talking about spending hours all by yourself working from your home, office, studio, or wherever you like to work, trying to give clients the best services. If you are okay with this, then freelancing will be a suitable career choice for you.

Are you comfortable with risk and uncertainty? 

Risk and uncertainty are what freelancers even the already established ones have to put up with. As a freelancer, bear in mind that you may not win every bid, or land every job you apply for. This is because there is a rapid increase in freelancers, which results in a highly competitive marketplace. Beginners with poor portfolios are the major victims of this case and their freelancing career often ends in frustration. But if you can go on with determination, intelligent planning, and patience you will scale through. 

Do you enjoy flexibility?

If you are the type that likes to stick to one process or one format, you might want to think twice about going into freelancing. This is because no two clients are the same and so each client has their own unique requirements that you must adapt to. Therefore you need to call on creativity, flexibility, and adaptability in order to deliver the right services that meet the goals of each client. 

Are you a good communicator?

Some freelancing jobs often require a voice or video call with your clients and there are two things clients are usually looking out for when they communicate with freelancers. The first is self-confidence and the second is an assurance that you totally understand them and what they want from you. No matter how exceptional you are, if you are been perceived as a nervous wreck, you might lose the prospect. The way you communicate should send confidence, control, and likeability. 

As a beginner, this might understandably be a challenge. I also experienced it at the early stage of my freelancing career but I quickly learned how to communicate.    

Are you good with time management? 

If you are naturally a detailed and organized person, then freelancing is an ideal career choice for you. As a freelancer, you are totally in control of your time which can be a blessing and a curse. Yes, a curse because no one will force you to work, and it becomes your responsibility to micromanage your time in order to be successful. Some freelancers even use time tracking tools to ensure that every minute is put to good use. 

Can you wear many hats?

When we talk about freelancing, we usually see it as simply working on a client’s project. However, there is more to it both before and after working on the client’s project which you will be handling alone in a single day. Before you land a project to work on, you will need to market yourself, bid for jobs, write proposals that will convince clients that you are the right hand for the job, contract negotiation, etc. after completing a project, it is also your duty to make sure you get paid, take care of your website upkeep, and any ongoing self-learning.    

Do you have self-confidence?

As a freelancer, you will be doing a lot of contract and rate negotiations and you need to have a lot of self-confidence to do this if you want to land a good contract and a favorable rate. Also, at some point, you might run into bad clients that you need to deal with once and for all. This requires guts and self-belief.

Can you focus when in any surroundings?

The beauty of freelancing is that you can potentially work from anywhere with an internet connection. You can work from your favorite coffee shop, a park, a beach, or even while traveling around the world. However, this can only be possible if you have a high concentration level. There are lots of distractions out there so if you can get the job done in the middle of all the noise, then freelancing is for you.

Can you self-motivate yourself?

As a beginner, you will be driven by fresh energy and a strong desire to succeed. However, weeks or months later, when work becomes overwhelming, clients are still hard to come by, or work becomes a routine and boredom starts creeping in, you will have to keep yourself motivated and not give up. I also experienced these months after I started my freelancing career, even now I still have to fend off the temptations of social media, television, and unnecessary visits to friends. It would be best if you did the same in other to have a sound freelance career.


Growing your own business is a lot harder than imagined. A lot of people who heard all the sweet stuff about freelancing and dived in without having all the details and answering the questions above, often return to the traditional 9 to 5 job. Luckily, you won’t make such a mistake. If you truthfully answer these questions, you will surely discover if freelancing is for you. 

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