How to write Upwork profile overview 

Do you want to learn how to write an Upwork profile overview? There are several ways you can write your Upwork profile description or overview. It can be short or long. 

However, I’d recommend that you use a long Upwork profile structure on one of your profiles ( You have one main profile and two specialized profiles on Upwork.) In this post, I will show you what to write on your Upwork profile overview. This is a step-by-step Upwork profile SEO guide to help you write the best Upwork profile. 

How to write Upwork profile description

Seeing as the platform is competitive and more talents are joining, you need to go the extra mile in your approach. Don’t just write a profile overview, make it attract prospective clients. Let’s get started on your Upwork profile optimization.

Step 1: Before you write your overview, list out… 
  • Your client’s issues
  • How your skill solves this issue
  • Your skills 
  • And how you intend to help your clients. 
Step 2: Write all these down, then start your research. 

Using the Upwork Search tab, search by talent and check what other people are doing. 

  • Click on the search tab.
  • Choose search by “talent.”


Upwork search tab


Type in your skill to search for other freelancers like you…


Upwork search tab for talents


  • Filter the results by “Talent type – Freelancer”
  • “Job Sucess Score – 90% up”
  • “Amount Earned – 10k+”


Upwork digital marketing search result


Step 3: See what other top-rated talents in your niche are doing. 

Check their Upwork profile overview

  • The intro
  • Their offer
  • Skills
  • The flow 
  • How it’s written 

Do not copy word for word.  Use their profile as a reference to write yours.


I have rewritten other articles on how to get your first job on Upwork, and samples you can use to write your overview. Click on any of the articles below to read.

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Need more help? Follow the Upwork profile structures below…


Upwork Profile Overview Sample Structure 1

Here’s an Upwork profile overview structure you can refine to fit your skill.

  1. Start your Upwork description with an eye-catching testimonial

Instead of starting with “Hi, I’m… and I’m a ….” Start your Upwork profile with a testimonial showing a past result you’ve gotten for a client.

  2. Talk about what you can do for them 

In the second section, talk about what you do and how you intend to help them.

  3. Go into more detail about what you specialize in 

This is where you write about what you are best at and your services. Make use of bullet points to list out your services. Write about who you’ve studied, who you’ve worked for, why you’re an expert at what you do, and what results you’ve gotten for past clients.

  4. Have standards 

You should have specific clients you want to work with. Show this in your profile overview, it makes you more desirable.

  5. Call to Action

The last part of your Upwork profile description should end with a “Call to Action.” Always tell people what to do next.



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Upwork Profile Overview Sample Structure 2

Here’s a second Upwork structure you can use.

1. Start by mentioning their problems

Talk about the client’s needs from the start. Ask questions about their needs and follow up by mentioning how you intend to solve this issue. 

2. Show what you’ll do for them

Use bullet points to talk about your services and how it helps achieve the client’s goals. 

3. Call to action

Then ask the reader to take a specific action. Something like, “If you found this interesting, contact me, and we’ll set up a time to talk about your project and goals!”

Use any of the structures above to write a professional Upwork profile overview.


Pro tip: Always save your past profile overview, title, and image. You should check your analytics to know if the new profile works for you when you submit a proposal. 


PS: I am ending this post by recommending my Upwork profile samples, you can edit these samples and use them. Click here to access them —> Samples.


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Upwork profile sample templates that attract clients


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Upwork profile sample templates that attracts clients



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