30+ Best Freelance Job Boards To Find Your Next Gig

How can I find freelancing gigs? You can find freelancing gigs by going through freelance job boards, social media, job sites, cold pitching, your networks, and referencing. The most popular method is the freelance job boards where clients list jobs in other to find freelancers that can handle them. This is normally done on a job listing websites and for a better understanding going forward, I will tell you what job listing websites are and how they work.

What Are Freelance Job Listing Websites? 

Freelance job listing websites are freelancing sites that link freelancers to clients in need of their services either for long or short-term projects. These freelancing websites list jobs across nearly every profession such as freelance writing jobs, freelance graphic designing, digital marketing,  and virtual assistant jobs online, just to name a few.

How Do Freelance Job Listing Websites Work

For some freelance websites you will need to create a profile and apply for jobs, and sometimes pay a fee to use the platform. On the contrary, traditional freelance job boards are mostly free to use and you don’t need to sign up or create a profile.


General freelance job websites


1. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Search Jobs

LinkedIn has an improved remote job search tool that makes it a great place to find any working from home job. It requires creating a fully optimized profile and applying for jobs.


2. Flexjobs

flexjobs remote jobs

I particularly like this freelance website because all posted jobs are screened to ensure there are no scams, making it one of the best freelance websites for beginners and professionals. However, it requires a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. 


3. SolidGigs

Solidgigs job boards

SolidGigs works by listing the top 1 percent of available freelancer jobs, selected from different job boards. It also has a library where you can find some of the best education and training resources, which you can pay a token to use.


4. Pangain 


Pangain focuses fully on listing work at home jobs. They update their job board regularly with job opportunities from top companies like GitHub, Zapier, etc. It is totally free to use but access to their Pro Jobs requires an annual subscription.


5. Indeed Remote Jobs

Indeed remote jobs

Indeed is similar to FlexJobs with a large database of clients, posting all kinds of freelancing works.


6. College Recruiter

Job boards for college students

This is one of the best freelancing websites for students or new graduates who are still finding their footing by providing jobs that are related to their field of study, helping them to gain experience.


7. CloudPeeps

jobs working from home

CloudPeeps provides a higher caliber of work, which makes it more difficult to join. Freelancers compete for jobs by sending their handcrafted proposals to clients. Each freelancer is limited to a number of proposals you can send but this can be increased by a monthly subscription.


8. Servicescape 

working at home jobs

Servicescape focuses on translating, editing, writing jobs, and freelance graphic design, meaning individuals with these skills will benefit more. On this site you don’t need to apply, clients hire you based on your profile. However, you are been charged 50 percent commission on each project.


9. Remote.co

work in home jobs

Remote.co is a large Job board that lists all kinds of freelance jobs. It is a highly flexible platform that allows freelancers to search for part-time or full-time jobs based on their skill set.


50 Work from Home Websites 



Freelance job websites for writers and editors


10. Problogger 

This is the best job board to source for writing jobs online. It is regularly updated with new job opportunities from top-rated blogs, news websites, and more. 

at home work

11. Contena 

freelance writer jobs

Cortena is another great place to find any online writing job. There are lots of high-quality jobs available on the platform but you have to be a member to gain access to them and this can be done by subscribing annually or monthly.


12. Morning Coffee Newsletter 


Writing websites

Morning Coffee Newsletter comes to you every morning from freelancewriting.com. It is one of the best ways to stay up to date with the latest writing gigs and it is completely free.

13. Freelance Writing Gigs

freelance web site

Freelance writing gigs is a professionally organized job board that is updated weekly with writing projects, tips and tools, and the websites where writers will get paid.

14. Blogging Pro

writing online job

Blogging Pro updates its job board daily with editing, blogging, and writing jobs gotten from around the internet, making it easier for freelancers to find the job best suited to them.

15. All freelance writing

websites for freelancers

I like this site because it lists jobs along with its pay rate and it is known for years to be a trusted source of freelance writing jobs.


Freelance job websites for designers and creative


16. 99 designs 

graphic designer freelance

This is a good site for freelance graphic designers. Here jobs are posted as contests which freelancers apply for by submitting their work. In the end, the winner of the contest gets paid.

17. Behance 

freelance for graphic designers

If you are a freelance graphic designer on Behance, you will have the added advantage of having a portfolio that will rank high on search engines. It is not just a freelance job website, it is an excellent portfolio site for designers.

18. Coroflot 

work for freelancers

Coroflot works more like a matchmaker between clients and freelancers. It matches posted jobs with the right portfolio so equip your portfolio with your best work.

19. Designhill 

graphic designers freelance

Designhill is a great platform that connects over 100,000 graphic designers to brands and individuals that need designs like logos, websites, flyers, etc.

20. NoDesk 

graphic design freelance

NoDesk is the common answer to anyone asking “which freelance platform is best for the future?”.   It is a reputable job board that connects the global workforce. From companies of every size to remote workers of all skills.


Freelance job websites for programmers and developers


21. Joomlancers 

Joomlancers online website


Joining is free and fast on this platform and there are lots of jobs to bid on which require more advanced and intermediate skill levels. 

22. Product Hunt Jobs 


Remote job websites

Product Hunt is aimed at providing jobs for developers. It has its own job board and you can subscribe for new job updates via email.

23. 10× Management 


Online job website

10× Management is majorly interested in freelancers well skilled in data science, machine learning, full-stack engineering, and others like it. 

24. Codeable

working at home jobs

If you are an expert in WordPress Themes and Plugins, this is the place for you. They have strict communication and pricing guidelines and you can earn from 70 to 120 per hour.

25. Programmer Meet Designer


Programmers meet developers

Here you can work with not only clients but also other developers, programmers, and designers who need your service and it has an easy-to-use interface. 

26. WeWork Remotely


We work remotely

With over 2.5 million monthly visitors, WeWork Remotely is one of the largest freelancing platforms in the world with job listings from big-name companies. 


Job websites for freelance marketers 


27. Remotive 


Remote jobs

It is easy to search and apply for jobs on Remotive and marketers will benefit from the regular job listings from big names like Toggl, InVision, Automatic, etc.

28. Aquent Remote work

Aquent works like Coroflot. It matches freelancers to clients in need of their service. If the client chooses you, you will then be invited for an interview.

29. Only Marketing Jobs

web freelancer

This site is geared towards the UK and the European job market in contrast to marketing jobs that focus on the US and Canada. It also has a long list of marketing jobs that you can choose from.


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Job sites for freelance virtual assistants


30. Truelancer 

freelancer web

This is a good place to start your freelance virtual assistant career. This platform helps you to build a good relationship with your client.


31. VANetworking.com

work for freelancers

VANetworking is one of the best websites for aspiring virtual assistants. It is filled with lots of useful information and resources to help educate you. 

32. Belay 

Earn money online

Belay is also a good resourceful site for virtual assistants. Once you apply, you will go through an interview and you will get suitable clients.

33. ClickWorker

Virtual assistant jobs online

This site works more as an income supplement because of its low pay rate. However, it is a good place to gain experience as a freelancer.

34. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Make money on Amazon

There is a long list of jobs available on this site for virtual assistants but just like ClickWorker it has a low pay rate.

35. Fancy hands


Websites for remote work

This site works similarly to Belay, matching freelancers to suitable clients. As a virtual assistant, you receive pay per task and they promote you after a while to a stage where you will be supervising other Vas.


Freelance job websites for video editors and motion graphics

36. Motiongrapher Jobs 

Virtual assistant jobs online

With a job board dedicated to listing opportunities in the film industry, freelance video editors will easily and quickly find jobs on this website.


37. Production Hub

Virtual assistant jobs online

Production Hub is a free-to-browse job board for the Media Production Industry. However, you need to pay a fee to create a profile and apply for jobs.


38. Stage 32

Virtual assistant jobs online

Stage 32 allows you to search for jobs on their job board and also provides a good networking opportunity in the film, theatre, and TV industries. 


My final say

If you made it here, I think you are ready to do whatever it takes to be successful in your freelancing journey and I hope the information above will guide you to the freelance life you are looking for. 

With the right approach and portfolio, you will be able to land clients in no time. But you need to take the first step now by identifying the opportunities that suit you and go for them. 


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