7 Tips for Writing an Upwork Proposal That Wins Clients

After setting up your Upwork profile, and optimizing the profile, the next thing you need to do is learn how to write a cover letter for Upwork proposal that wins clients over from the start. This Upwork proposal guide will give you an overview of what should be included in your proposal. 

Step 1: Research the client

When you write a cover letter for Upwork proposal for your client, always research the clients. Click on the about client section, check the date they joined Upwork, the number of jobs they’ve posted, their hire rate, how many people have been invited to bid on the job, and the reviews from other freelancers.   

Upwork proposal client information

Step 2: Catchy introduction

The next step in our Upwork proposal tips involves you writing an attention-catching introduction.  You need to fill in all the relevant information in the introduction so your client doesn’t have to spend time finding it themselves. Start with the client’s name, which you can find in the client’s recent history. 

Upwork proposal tips

Then go ahead to offer value to the client. Let them know the solution to their problems and a detailed description of how you intend to work on it. Keep it short, conversational, and all about the client and not you. 


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Step 3: Explain your process

If you don’t mention anything about your process then there will be more questions asked during the negotiation phase which will increase your chances of losing the client to someone else who did answer these questions upfront. Be sure to include a clear description of your qualifications as well as any specific requirements for the project.

Include: what you do (in detail), how long you will take to complete the project, how much you charge per hour and the total cost of the project. Make sure to also include your experience with doing similar projects. The most important thing is to sell yourself so make sure to talk about what makes you unique and different from all other freelancers out there. 


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Step 4: Use bullet points

Writing an Upwork cover letter for proposal is basically a short sales pitch, summarizing your skills and experience and outlining your strategy to deliver results.  So make use of bullet points. This makes reading easier for the eyes, especially when scanning through multiple proposals.

Step 5: Describe how the client will see value in hiring you

Explain why hiring you makes sense for them. What kind of ROI are they looking for? Are they looking to grow their business or start a new venture altogether?

Step 6: Include testimonials

Include testimonials from previous clients where appropriate to show how great you really are at what you do.  When including reviews, use copy such as Tommy was very responsive instead of Joe said. Why? It comes off more personal and shows that you care about the people you work with. 

Step 7: End with a call-to-action

And finally, have a clear call to action near the end.  Example: I look forward to an interview with you or don’t wait – contact me today!

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