20 best freelance websites and platforms to find work in 2022

However, Where can I find freelance jobs?

If you are looking for freelance websites or platforms for specific skills, you are in the right place. Let me first of all congratulate you for taking that bold step toward becoming your boss. I have researched all the freelance platforms you can find on the internet today, to give you the top 20 of these platforms. The list was made based on the freelancing skills available on the internet today and the platform that offers the best for these various skills. 

20 best freelance websites to find work

Here are the top 20 freelance websites that every freelancer must visit, to start making money just like other freelancers online. Keep reading to find out what they are best at, to guide you into choosing the best websites for your skills. 

#1 Upwork –  Largest freelance platform

Upwork has the reputation of being the largest freelance website in the world, With over 18 million subscribers. The good news is that this freelance website keeps growing daily, to accommodate more buyers and sellers. It offers you the opportunity to meet the people that are willing to pay for your services. So, no matter the type of service you have to sell, you will surely find buyers for yourself. 

#2 Fiverr – Most popular freelance platform

Fiverr is very popular among so many freelancers across the world. It is also trusted by so many people as a genuine freelance website and Fiverr is living up to its earned reputation and trust. It offers freelancers the opportunity of creating a profile and growing, to compete with other freelancers on the platform. 

#3 WeWorkRemotely – Best freelance outsourcing website 

We Work Remotely is the best freelance website for getting outsourced jobs. It is also very easy to create profiles on this freelance platform.

#4 Toptal – Highest paid freelance website  

If you are looking for the highest-paid freelance website, Toptal is one of your best bets. It helps to connect freelancers with skills in finance and other managerial skills to the industries that need them. This freelance website is known to do a thorough check on all its subscribers to ensure that you get nothing but genuine offers and services from any subscriber or industry. 

#5 Freelance.com – Best general freelance jobs website 

This freelance website is the best when it comes to general freelancing. It has no restriction on a particular set of browsers. You just need to register and clients will locate you, no matter the nature of freelance services that you offer. 

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#6 Solidgigs –  Best paying website for freelance writers

Are you a freelance writer? Check out this freelance platform that has a special package for writers. Solidgigs is best known for being the best paying website for all types of writers. It is one of those platforms that reward writers very well, so sign up today and start enjoying yourself as a writer. 

#7 Flexjobs – Best freelance copywriter website

Flexjobs help you to get employed as a freelancer faster than you can imagine. It is the best freelance website for copywriters to get clients. It is also very easy to set up a profile on this platform. 

#8 SimplyHired –  Best freelance website for professionals 

You can offer your professional services on this freelance website and get lots of clients. Lots of people go on this platform to get professionals for the type of service they want. So, get your services across to the right clients within the shortest possible time.

#9 Fancy Hand – Best virtual assistant jobs website

Fancy Hands is the best when it comes to giving people the opportunity to get virtual assistant jobs. It helps people to get hired easily for jobs like data entry, call center, and lots more. With this freelance website, freelancers can say goodbye to unemployment. 

#10 Guru – Most trustworthy freelance website 

Guru is one of the most trusted freelance platforms on the internet today, as they carry out a lot of genuine transactions between freelancers and clients on a daily basis. They post lots of jobs daily, to help freelancers get suitable jobs. 

#11 AngelList – Best startup jobs website 

This freelance website is beginners friendly. It helps freelancers to start up their journey into the freelance world freely. You can search for jobs on this platform and even get an email notification when a company or client shows interest in your service.

#12 Testbirds – Best freelance testing jobs website

If you want to get paid for testing, this freelance website is one of your best bets. Freelancers get paid when they test and detect things like a bug on a product. 

#13 Behance – Best freelance design jobs website 

Are you a graphic designer, an architect, or someone with great skills in illustrations? Behance is the freelance platform that offers you the opportunities to get hired. It connects designers to multitudes of clients every day. 

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#14 WorkingNotWorking  – Best freelance design and developer jobs website

Just like the name implies, it helps freelancers to work for themselves and not work for others. It is the best for connecting developers and designers to their potential clients. 

#15 99 Design – Best Freelance graphics job website

If you are a good designer, here is one of the best freelance platforms for you. It is for designers that trust their abilities as potential clients are allowed to post what they want as a contest, for designers to send in their works in the form of an application, and the best designer wins the contest and gets employed. 

#16 TaskRabbit – Best freelance website for same-day service 

It is the best freelance website for getting daily jobs. It helps to keep freelancers always busy as the jobs come daily.

#17 ProductionHUB – Best freelance website for video editors

Are you looking for a part-time or full-time job? Here is the best platform for you, even if you have decided to remain a freelancer, this freelance website is still your best option. It is best for video editors as they can showcase their works there and get hired. 

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#18 People Per Hour –  Best freelance startup jobs website

If you are not scared of showcasing your talent to the world, get on this freelance website and get the opportunity to showcase what you can do. It is the best for startups as it gets you settled into the freelance market.

#19 ServiceScape – Best freelance editor website

Service Scrape is the best freelance platform for editors and so many other professionals. It allows you to interact directly with potential clients through calls and messages. 

#20 Codeable – Best freelance developer jobs website

Codeable is the best freelance website for word press developers. It helps developers to land their dream jobs without the hassles of having to submit applications on so many companies’ job portals. 

Which freelance website is the best?

Although there are lots of other freelance websites today that freelancers can easily find clients on, Fiverr is one of the most trusted of these websites. 

Which freelance website is best for beginners

The best freelance website for beginners is Toptal as it is very easy to set up an account and start getting clients. It also pays freelancers higher than most freelance platforms. 

Which freelance website is good for my skill

The best freelance website for your skill depends on the type of skill you have. However, some freelance platforms hire freelancers, no matter their skill. Such platforms include Upwork, Fiverr, and so many others.

How freelance websites earn money

Freelance websites earn money from the subscription fees that their millions of subscribers pay monthly or annually. They also collect a certain percentage of each subscriber’s earnings.

My Final Say

Going into the freelance market can be very discouraging because of the already existing tough competition on these platforms and so many other reasons. But knowing the best platform to go for gives you the needed advantages to excel in your walk to becoming your boss and controlling your income and work schedule. 

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